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[image]cell logo_png
cell png
Keywords: cell
Downloads: 1
[image]cell logo
Keywords: cell
Downloads: 2
cell division
Keywords: cell
Downloads: 35
[audio]Amanda Coyne - Amanda Coyne
cell phone project
Keywords: cell
Downloads: 3
Keywords: cell
Downloads: 1
Keywords: cell
Downloads: 18
Keywords: cell
Downloads: 220
Keywords: cell
Downloads: 127
Keywords: cell
Downloads: 7
[image]Image - Lokly Franklin
Some photos about cells
Keywords: Cell; Science
Keywords: e_cell
Downloads: 4
[audio]Cell Structures
Introduction to basic cell structures
Keywords: cell; structures
Downloads: 69
[audio]IUMA: Sick Cell
Formed in late '01 in Placerville Ca, Sick Cell is a brutal speed/punk/thrash metal band. From the ashes of D-Train in San Francisco, Joe Liszt moved to the Placerville area in northern California to join forces with bassist Mario Muzzy formely from Local band Groove Monster and brother George Muzzy from local act Get Livid. Currently working on debut release "Forever Dark"
Keywords: Sick Cell
Downloads: 9
[audio]All I need is my phone
audio file
Keywords: cell phone
Downloads: 33
[audio]Cell Phone Cash $ 1490662 Paid To Affiliates!
Cash In On The Hottest New Marketing Trend! This Is The First Product Of It's Kind! Ultra Rare With Upsells, Downsells, Monthly Commission Structure, Stunning Customer Support And More! ##Download Now :
Keywords: Cell Phone
Downloads: 6
[audio]DS 650294
part 2
Keywords: Cell Path
Downloads: 10
[audio]Episode6-part3of3 - Bayblab
The Elusive Stem Cell: On this installment of the Bayblab Podcast Episode Six (The Pubcast), Rob ridicules Bayman's blasphemous assertion that stem cells do not exist, setting the stage for a raucous barroom brawl as we fight to the death in a tag-team contest for intellectual supremacy. Also Kamel discusses his massive testicles, Coward outlines his approach to experimental research and we discuss why none of us will ever make an important contribution to science.
Keywords: Stem cell
Downloads: 132
Keywords: CELL001
Downloads: 19
[texts]Preliminary communications on some investigations upon the histological structure of the nervous system in the ascidia and in the Myxine glutinosa (Volume 5th ser. v. 18 (1886))

Keywords: nerve cell
Downloads: 33
[texts]Animal Physiology

Keywords: cell reproduction
Downloads: 92
[texts]cell division

Keywords: cell division
Downloads: 72
[audio]Cell Phones in the Classroom...a Good Tool Or Not - Perry Antifaiff
A short podcast on educators opinions on Cell phone usage in the classroom.
Keywords: Cell phones
Downloads: 10
[audio]IUMA: Cell Gotti
CELL, a member of the ILLustrious D.B.N, is currenty unsigned. CELL style is east coast.He was raised in Kentucky. A state in which Yosumi Records claims to be more slept on than park benches...Ky has put out hip hop artist such as the Nappy Roots (veto was a close neighbor of CELL in Bowling Green Ky.) and Decon the villian from the popular Game Over compilation CDs. CEll has been compared to Mobb Deep because of his street style and rugged lyrics.....
Keywords: Cell Gotti
Downloads: 31
[texts]Methods to study toxic transgenes in C. elegans: an analysis of protease-dead separase in the C. elegans embryo - Diana M Mitchell
We investigated whether the protease activity of separase, which is required for chromosome segregation, is also required for its other roles during anaphase in C. elegans given that non-proteolytic functions of separase have been identified in other organisms. We find that expression of protease-dead separase is dominant-negative in C. elegans embryos. The C. elegans embryo is an ideal system to study developmental processes in a genetically tractable system...
Keywords: Cell Biology
Downloads: 9
[texts]The Cell Theory pt.1

Keywords: cell theory
Downloads: 84
[texts]Cytoplasmic nanojunctions between lysosomes and sarcoplasmic reticulum are required for specific calcium signaling - Nicola Fameli
We demonstrate how nanojunctions between lysosomes and sarcoplasmic reticulum (L-SR junctions) serve to couple lysosomal activation to regenerative, ryanodine receptor-mediated cellular calcium (Ca2+) waves. In pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells (PASMCs) nicotinic acid adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NAADP) may trigger increases in cytoplasmic Ca2+ via L-SR junctions, in a manner that requires initial Ca2+ release from lysosomes and subsequent Ca2+-induced Ca2+ release (CICR) via ryanodine rec...
Keywords: Cell Biology
Downloads: 5
[texts]The Cell Theory pt. 2

Keywords: cell theory
Downloads: 102
[movies]Giant Stuffed Keitai
A gigantic fluorescent green cell phone passes out leaflets on the streets of Tokyo in Ikebukuro
Keywords: cell phone
Downloads: 1,004
[texts]Fluorescent sensors for activity and regulation of the nitrate transceptor CHL1/NRT1.1 and oligopeptide transporters - Cheng Hsun Ho
To monitor nitrate and peptide transport activity in vivo, we converted the dual-affinity nitrate transceptor CHL1/NRT1.1/NPF6.3 and four related oligopeptide transporters PTR1, 2, 4 and 5 into fluorescence activity sensors (NiTrac1, PepTrac). Substrate addition to yeast expressing transporter fusions with yellow fluorescent protein and mCerulean triggered substrate-dependent donor quenching or resonance energy transfer...
Keywords: Cell Biology
Downloads: 12
[texts]Retroviral vector-mediated oncogene transfer to create Crassostrea virginica cell lines (Volume v. 19 (2000))

Keywords: cell lines
Downloads: 46
[texts]Using Polysome Isolation with Mechanism Alteration to Uncover Transcriptional and Translational Dynamics in Key Genes - Bradly Alicea
What does it mean when we say a cell?s biochemistry is regulated during changes to the phenotype? While there are a plethora of potential mechanisms and contributions to the final outcome, a more tractable approach is to examine the dynamics of mRNA. This way, we can assess the contributions of both known and unknown decay and aggregation processes for maintaining levels of gene product on a gene-by-gene basis...
Keywords: Cell Biology
Downloads: 10
[movies]Salt Cells
Salt - Cells is a part of an Australian based swimming pool business in New Castle NSW Australia that offers services for cheap replacement of salt cells, by placing your order, sitting at home. For further details, log on to their website.
Keywords: aquachlor cell
Downloads: 4
[audio]Cell Phone Song - Pinny Becker
By Pinny Becker from Think I'm Home
Keywords: Cell Shul
Downloads: 44
[texts]Choosing an appropriate modelling framework for analysing multispecies co-culture cell biology experiments - Deborah C Markham
In vitro cell biology assays play a crucial role in informing our understanding of the migratory, proliferative and invasive properties of many cell types in different biological contexts. While mono-culture assays involve the study of a population of cells composed of a single cell type, co-culture assays study a population of cells composed of multiple cell types (or subpopulations of cells). Such co-culture assays can provide more realistic insights into many biological processes including ti...
Keywords: Cell Biology
Downloads: 6
[texts]Virus infection in cultured abalone Haliotis diversicolor Reeve in Guangdong Province, China (Volume v. 23 (2004))

Keywords: cell culture
Downloads: 76
[movies]Cell Video - NickZ
This is a video taken from my cellphone while at work.
Keywords: Cell Video
Downloads: 37
[texts]MicroRNAs Regulate the Wnt/Ca2+ Signaling Pathway to Promote the Secretion of Insulin in Pancreatic Nestin-Positive Progenitor Cells - Chunyu Bai
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small noncoding RNAs that bind to the 3?-UTR of mRNAs and function mainly in post-transcriptional regulation. MiRNAs have been implicated to play roles in organ development, including that of the pancreas. Many miRNAs, such as miR-375, miR-124, miR-7, miR-21 and miR-221, have been shown to regulate insulin production as well as insulin secretion. However, it is not known whether miRNAs can regulate insulin secretion via the control of intracellular Ca2+ in pancreatic beta ...
Keywords: Cell Biology
Downloads: 9
[movies]Salt Cells
Salt - Cells is a part of an Australian based swimming pool business in New Castle NSW Australia that offers services for cheap replacement of salt cells, by placing your order, sitting at home. For further details, log on to their website.
Keywords: aquachlor cell
Downloads: 9
[texts]Massively calcified endosomal death (MCED) of endothelial cells - Larry Weisenthal
We have discovered a novel and specific mechanism of endothelial cell death.We refer to this novel death mechanism as massively calcified endosomal death, or MCED. Exposure of endothelial cells to non-specific toxins or other physical stresses induces death by traditional apoptotic and non-apoptotic mechanisms, common to most different types of cells. In contrast, exposure of endothelial cells (but not other types of nucleated cells) to specific insults, such as oxidized pathogenic lipids (e.g...
Keywords: Cell Biology
Downloads: 12
[texts]Artificially inducing close apposition of endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria induces mitochondrial fragmentation. - Victoria J Miller
Cycles of mitochondrial fission and fission are essential for normal cell physiology. Defects in the machinery controlling these processes lead to neurodegenerative disease. While we are beginning to understand the machinery that drives fission, our knowledge of the spatial and temporal control of this event is lacking. Here we use a rapamycin-inducible heterodimerization system comprising both ER and mitochondrial transmembrane components to bring the ER membrane into close physical proximity w...
Keywords: Cell Biology
Downloads: 8
[texts]Mpl expression on megakaryocytes and platelets is dispensable for thrombopoiesis but essential to prevent myeloproliferation - Ashley P Ng
Thrombopoietin (TPO) acting via its receptor Mpl is the major cytokine regulator of platelet number. To precisely define the role of specific hematopoietic cells in TPO dependent hematopoiesis, we generated mice that express the Mpl receptor normally on stem/progenitor cells but lack expression on megakaryocytes and platelets ( MplPF4cre/PF4cre . MplPF4cre/PF4cre mice displayed profound megakaryocytosis and thrombocytosis with a remarkable expansion of megakaryocyte-committed and multipotential ...
Keywords: Cell Biology
Downloads: 26
[texts]Splinter Cell
Shop for splinter cell blacklist at Best Buy. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. For Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction on the Xbox 360, GameFAQs has 4 FAQs game guides and walkthroughs, 45 cheat codes and secrets, 26 reviews, and 66. Apr 09, 2008 Is Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent OK for your child? Read Common Sense Media's game review to help you make informed decisions...
Keywords: Splinter Cell
Downloads: 12
[movies]Power of cell phones from Korea - Min Jae Kim
this movie is like an advertisement, but it is not. it is about how far the technology has gone with cellular phones, and to show that Korea is leading the line.
Keywords: korea; cell
Downloads: 293 (1 review)
We recently demonstrated that dynein and kinesin motors drive multiple aspects of endosomal function in mammalian cells. These functions include driving motility, maintaining morphology (notably through providing longitudinal tension to support vesicle fission), and driving cargo sorting. Microtubule motors drive bidirectional motility during traffic between the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and Golgi...
Keywords: Cell Biology
Downloads: 15
[texts]Filament formation by metabolic enzymes is a specific adaptation to an advanced state of cellular starvation - Ivana Petrovska
One of the key questions in biology is how the metabolism of a cell responds to changes in the environment. In budding yeast, starvation causes a drop in intracellular pH, but the functional role of this pH change is not well understood. Here, we show that the enzyme glutamine synthetase (Gln1) forms filaments at low pH and that filament formation leads to enzymatic inactivation. Filament formation by Gln1 is a highly cooperative process, strongly dependent on macromolecular crowding, and involv...
Keywords: Cell Biology
Downloads: 6
[movies]Cell Organization
Cell Organization
Keywords: Cell Organization
Downloads: 117
[texts]TACC3-ch-TOG track the growing tips of microtubules independently of clathrin and Aurora-A phosphorylation - Cristina Gutiérrez-Caballero
The interaction between TACC3 (transforming acidic coiled coil protein 3) and the microtubule polymerase ch-TOG (colonic, hepatic tumor overexpressed gene) is evolutionarily conserved. Loading of TACC3–ch-TOG onto spindle microtubules requires the phosphorylation of TACC3 by Aurora-A kinase and the subsequent interaction of TACC3 with clathrin to form a microtubule binding surface. Whether there is a pool of TACC3–ch-TOG that is independent of clathrin in human cells, and what is the functio...
Keywords: Cell Biology
Downloads: 22
[texts]Ciba Foundation Symposium on the Regulation of Cell Metabolism - Ciba Foundation Symposium on the Regulation of Cell Metabolism (1958 : London, England)
Includes bibliographies and bibliographical references
Keywords: Cell metabolism
Downloads: 1,033
[texts]TCF7L2 is a master regulator of insulin production and processing - Yuedan Zhou
Although variants in the T-cell factor 7-like 2 gene (TCF7L2) confer the strongest risk of type 2 diabetes (T2D) by presumed effects on islet function, the underlying mechanisms are not well understood. We have identified TCF7L2-target genes and described the regulatory network downstream of TCF7L2 responsible for its effect on insulin secretion in rodents and human pancreatic islets. ISL1 is a direct target of TCF7L2 and regulates proinsulin production and processing via MAFA, PDX1, NKX6.1, PCS...
Keywords: Cell Biology
Downloads: 11
[movies]Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (PC) - Expert skill Individual-Level Runs (Total = 1:16:34) - Mathew Thompson
Individual level speed runs of every mission in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory on Expert skill. Seoul is manually timed because the game splits the mission into two separate levels and only gives the total time at the end of the second part. Available in five versions: low/normal quality DivX, and normal/high/low quality H.264 MPEG-4. Mission Time Date PlayerLighthouse 2:50 30.08.06 Mathew ThompsonCargo Ship 5:55 30.08.06 Mathew ThompsonBank 7:08 30.08.06 Mathew ThompsonPenthouse 5:49 ...
Keywords: Splinter Cell
Downloads: 28,085
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